Bottom2thatop Records, one of the industry’s preeminent independent record labels home to a multifaceted and diverse range of artists, and more; fast becoming one of the most successful record labels worldwide. Founded in 2011, Bottom2thatop Records is apart of Bottom2thatop Entertainment a full-service entertainment company. Bottom2thatop Records is inclusive of artists, songwriters, producers, engineers, management, music publishing, touring, merchandising, film & television; new business ventures; and a music record label. It is home to a diverse roster comprised of critically acclaimed recording artists, writers and producers, and more. Bottom2thatop Records has a partnership with global management companies worldwide, top marketing firms, premier elite boutique booking agency companies, Linked Management, Authentic Creative Marketing, Authentic Digital Marketing, Jetsetters Booking Agency and more.

Bottom2thatop Records incorporates several entities under its umbrella including recording, audio engineering, music publishing, artist management, television and film production, large scale printing, recording facility, marketing and advertising and much more. Due to unparalleled management, marketing, promotions, and publicity, these artists have only begun to tap their potential under the guise of exceptional leadership and expertise at Bottom2thatop Records. The industry continues to take sharp notice of Bottom2thatop Records accomplishments and the challenges it has overcome in the past few years, a journey that can only be described as, ground breaking and phenomenal. The Record label Bottom2thatop Records will continue to evolve and strive for unprecedented excellence, success and accomplishments. Bottom2thatop Records is here to stay and will accept nothing less than the best from its artists, and executives.